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Arms & Hands

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    Principal clinic

    Hopital de La Tour

    Dr Pierre Quinodoz
    Avenue J.-D. Maillard 1bis
    1217 Meyrin – Suisse

    Tél. +41 22 719 65 85
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    Clinic at Cologny

    Dr Pierre Quinodoz
    Chemin Boissier 19
    1223 Cologny – Suisse

    Tél. +41 22 719 65 85
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    In our office or
    online by videoconference

    During the visio-consultation, Dr. Quinodoz will use an ultra-modern computer imaging program to visualize the results of a procedure from your photos. He will provide you with his specialist’s comments so that you can make an informed decision.

    Arms & Hands treatments

    Hands betray our age. With aging, frequent hand washing and exposure to the sun, pigment spots, tissue atrophy, tendons and veins become more visible.

    It is necessary to correct age spots and restore volume, in order to reshape the back of the hand. It is also possible to act on small veins.

    The treatment of spots is done by peels or laser and the loss of volume will be corrected by lipostructure (lipofilling) or hyaluronic acid injections (link to non-surgical ttt). It is important to be aware that the fat does not hold well on the hands because they are mobile with a resorption of about 50% of the grafts, their persistence being definitive from the sixth month.

    This operation takes place in the operating room under local anaesthesia with light sedation. The quality of the skin can also be improved by mesotherapy sessions.

    Your cosmetic surgeon will also offer you a consultation with a vein specialist (an angiologist) to see if it is possible to improve the appearance of overly visible veins by sclerotherapy (selective destruction of veins) with a needle or laser.

    The skin on the inner surface of the arms can sometimes become distended, perhaps following weight loss or with no real cause. Unsightly folds can appear, particularly on the upper arm.

    Lifting in this area involves removing the excess skin and reshaping the arm. It is often accompanied by lipaspiration/liposuction around the periphery of the arm. The procedure requires local anesthetic and the administration of a sedative. It can be performed on an outpatient basis or with a one day stay in the clinic.

    It is important to discuss with your surgeon both the size and position of the scar, together with the regularity of checkup as the final result will depend heavily upon the quality of the healing.

    Fat can build up and remain in the arms, even in patients who are not overweight.

    Lipoaspiration (liposuction) can remove the fatty deposits so that the arms regain proportion and shape.

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