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When a patient consults a surgeon specializing in aesthetic surgery, he is looking for an answer to his desire to correct a perceived flaw, blemish or imperfection.

Sometimes, the patient is certain that the problem can only be solved by way of surgical intervention but we can offer him a simpler and less invasive solution. In these cases we advise a far softer means of intervention, such as treatment by injections of a filling product, or by exfoliation or by botulinum toxin. Sometimes, the contrary is true and we need to persuade a patient who at first seeks a treatment by way of injections or Botox that the better and at times the only solution to achieve the desired result is a surgical technique.

We aim to respond to a patient’s needs using the mildest means available. The art of the doctor is to determine the boundary between a non-surgical procedure and the beginning of a surgical intervention. In addition, in order to help patients we need to be able to determine when a request may be illusory or exaggerated.

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