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Reconstructive surgery in emerging countries

2nd chance Association

Reconstructive surgery For life reconstruction

2nd CHANCE is a non-profit organization which aims at developing reconstructive surgery in regions which are economically underprivileged as well as in post-war contexts.

Dr. Pierre Quinodoz is the president of the 2nd CHANCE Humanitarian Association.

He founded it in 2010, together with medical and surgical friends from Geneva. Their mission is to support, develop and perfect training in reconstructive surgery in low and middle income countries.

The Association is developing an innovative operational model based on a sustainable holistic approach based on the transmission of precise surgical techniques, on the implementation of the imperative elements of perioperative safety and on the management of post-operative care and rehabilitation of patients.


Thanks to its partnerships since 2015 with the College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) and 2019 with the College of Surgeons of West Africa (WACS), the Association’s activities are spreading across the continent. »

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