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What will I look like after my breast augmentation surgery?

You may ask yourself this question before going to Dr. Quinodoz’ consultation. This is why, in order to answer your request and in order to help and satisfy his patients, Dr. Quinodoz uses an advanced technology that consists in modeling your bust in 3D, and then showing you the results of the different simulations based on a selected implant. Of course, the software will take into account the shape and the volume of the implant but also the position of the implant to bring realism and exact precision.

This technology, which you will have the pleasure of discovering with your doctor, is an important aid so that you can realize what changes will be made to your body, taking into account your essential physical characteristics. This will allow you to evaluate a possible result, but also to express your intentions and wishes concerning your future body. All this will be accompanied by the experienced advice of Dr. Quinodoz who will explain to you through images the course and characteristics of the breast augmentation operation.

You can, if you wish, prepare the course of your future 3D breast augmentation consultation by creating your 3D profile before the appointment date.

“A picture is worth more than a thousand words”

Dr. Pierre Quinodoz

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